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About the data

South of Kivu region, which holds over 1 million
population. We have expended our sample size to the capitol region of Kinshasa, to draw comparative data from other regions.

Sample size




Maternal and Newborns Health

To lower maternal mortality rates in the DRC, it is critical to improve the lives and health outcomes of mothers and their respective newborns at the hospital level. Understanding that the root causes of maternal mortality, and morbidity, are also outside of the parameters of hospitals, Stats Congo aims to capture clinical data within healthcare facilities serving women before, during and after pregnancy in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Data is properly collected

Context of data collected

In Bukavu and Kinshasa, both resource-poor regions serving very vulnerable groups of women and children, we pulled key indicators from local hospitals patient records that strongly inform the Democratic Republic of Congo’s maternal and newborns health outcome rates.

Data Extraction

Computers and a customized database are set up at the local hospital site, where data is monitored, cleaned and stored on a regular basis. From the hospital databases, we pull key indicators unanimously into our independent cloud-based database.

Data use

Due to Internet access and electricity limitations, data collected from each hospital site will be updated on a weekly basis with internally distributed reports to each individual hospitals, with up to date quantitative analyses informing best practices, policies and research.